Design of experiments (DOE) to optimize wave solder parameters for complex multiple technology electronic boards.  Reduction of average wave solder DPMO from 25,000 to 5,000 
Production scheduling optimization for electronic board assembly Total average lead time reduced from 20 to 15 natural days. Work-In-Process reduced accordingly. 
Benchmarking on the materials planning and procurement process Average overall lead time from customer forecast received to purchase orders to suppliers reduced from 30 to 20 days 
Value Stream Map of the RMA electronic board repair process to identify bottleneck and main contributors to lead time.  Overall repair lead time reduction to meet the targets requested by the customer.  
SPC (Statistical Process Control) workshop and implementation of real time DPMO and FPY feedback to operators SPC real-time feedback implemented in manual insertion, wave solder and reflow solder lines. Manual insertion average DPMO reduced from 5,000 to 1,500. Wave solder from 3,000 to 500 and Reflow solder from 200 to 40. 
Implementation of 8D analysis for mechanical problems in the telephone assembly process.  Identification and solution of root cause in the covers plastic injection molding supplier
Improve Functional test First-Pass Yield in the DVD assembly line     The root cause was identified and corrected. Testers were modified and FPY increased to meet the target.
Value Stream Map and optimization of the process to manage CoC (Certificate of Compliance) for components received and electronic circuits delivered to aerospace sector customers   Implementation of a robust (fail safe) process both to check supplier CoCs and generate CoCs for customer shipments.
FMEA and Control Plan workshop for aerospace electronic circuit assembly and test  Optimized Control Plan developed based on a process FMEA which gathered experiences from the different Assembly Plants. 
Customer order scheduling optimization Scheduling optimization based on committed dates, parts and machines availability led to an improvement of On-Time Delivery and customer satisfaction.   
Task force to optimize finished product packaging  Reduced the total number of different packing materials, reduced the number of suppliers and implemented a Kanban replenishment system with suppliers which reduced the inventory in the Plant. 
SMED workshop to reduce the setup time in the high volume electronic board assembly lines for the automotive sector Setup time was reduced from 1 hour to 15 minutes in the FCM and GSM automatic component placement machines increasing the effective overall line capacity by 10%. On-time delivery was also improved as a result. 
Implement a Kanban replenishment system to supply components to the SMT assembly lines for aerospace  Line stoppages due to missing components were eliminated and setup time was reduced.  Direct workload cost reduced 120k euro/ year
Reduce nitrogen consumption in reflow solder machines 33% reduction in consumption by automatic interruption when machines stop. 
 5S implementation in the Point of Sale Terminal assembly line Required space was reduced 50%. Productivity and flexibility increased. 
Reduction of Dock to Stock lead time in the materials reception process Average lead time was reduced 50% by removing the pre-reception step and installing a visual system to insure all materials are received in less than 24 hours from truck unload. Work instructions were improved and new ticket printers installed to avoid labeling mistakes.
In-coming inspection lead time reduction  Lead time reduced 66% and inspection productivity increased. 
5S implementation in the PTH lead forming line Stock out elimination and productivity increase
Autonomous production cell implementation with hourly control panel Production and quality hourly controlled at the production cell level led to an increase of productivity and delivered quality. 
Solder paste dispensing stencil design automation  Engineering design time reduced from 4 hours to 15 minutes on average. Error rate was reduced and the effective design capacity of the tooling design department was increased.  
5S: Individual tool box elimination task force Individual tool boxes were removed and tools assigned to each work station in a visual control panel to insure all tools required are easy to find and easy to put back. This led to an increase in quality and productivity
5S: Implementation of daily cleaning of all workplaces (5 min) at the end of each shift for all employees (both line and offices)  Improved productivity, company image in front of customers and work environment. 
X-Box electronic board repair process optimization Value Stream Map load balance, stress test first-pass-yield improvement, BGA module replacement process improvement leading to double the effective repair capacity. 
Optimization of the ticket printer assembly line: Value stream map, flexible line layout, one-piece flow, hourly production panel, component replenishment system.  Operator time was reduced 50%, Space required reduced 50%, Manufacturing lead time reduced from 24 hours to 3 hours. Total savings: 50 k euro/ year. 
Optimization of electro medicine device test process: Value stream map, flexible line manufacturing layout, hourly production board, component replenishment system.  Manufacturing diagnostics were modified to group operator interventions during the automatic test so that one operator could handle two functional testers. Operator time was reduced 50% and the line could be operated at different speeds by adding operators. Total manufacturing lead time was reduced from an average of 2.5 days to 2 hours. WIP was accordingly reduced. 
Setup time reduction for color change in the Rotocolor printers by doing a design of experiments (DOE) Model change Value Stream Map, Analysis of lead time contributors, setup optimization, identification of Rotocolor critical parameters affecting the resulting tone after baking
Lean diagnostics of the Company Workshops and bus maintenance service in city transport company Identification of productivity improvement opportunities: 5S, Visual management, Repair standardization and control, Total Productive Maintenance, Kanban spare part replenishment, etc. 
Materials Dock to Stock lead time reduction and productivity increase Productivity increased and lead time reduced 50%
Machining tooling consumption reduction Standardized tool references with a tool catalogue and implemented a single database to control tool availability in the plant before a purchase order is issued to a vendor
Press availability improvement by reducing the number of breakdowns and downtimes  Applied TPM techniques to reduce breakdowns and optimise equipment maintenance
Install autonomous cell production in precision assembly line to increase productivity and reduce overall manufacturing lead time.  Productivity increased 25% and lead time divided by 5 
Lean Six Sigma workshop to optimise Preduster/ Breading/ Fish frying line Lean diagnostics, 5S improvements, VSM: bottleneck identification, SMED and TPM projects identification to increase productivity
Pharmaceutical products manufacturing process optimization to reduce lead time and improve productivity. Lot size reduction, Manufacturing lead time reduction, Implementation of visual management and daily production scheduling. Job tracking by means of bar codes. Equipment availability and maintenance tracking.
Operating theater productivity improvement Lean methodology applied to operating theater management: Value Stream map, Setup time reduction, 5S, medicine and consumable replenishment, visual controls, Poka-Yokes
pH control of water discharge to river in copper mine processing plant Root cause analysis of pH fluctuation and actions to meet strict environmental requirements
5S and TPM implementation in orange juice processing plant  5S and TPM implemented in pilot area: orange receiving, cleaning and storage
Setup time reduction in hot steel mill for leaf spring production Off-line jig preparation with attachment screws. Hot dimensional control of first samples. Real time incident reporting and feedback. 
Yield improvement in paper mill line On-line reporting of process parameters and line incidents to provide real time control and be able to analyze cause and effects. Associate defects detected on the rolling process to process parameters during its production sometime before. Losses before rolling reported, analysed and reduced. 
Lettuce field collection productivity improvement Truck schedule optimization to spread deliveries along the day and avoid end of day bottleneck in the distribution warehouse. Effective collection to delivery lead time reduction